The Ancient Art Of Penis Reading-Lingam Gnosis

Before Man Was Ashamed of His Nakedness The Mystics Interprited The Male Organ.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I wonder if anyone will ever take me serious when I tell the about my book. Today I told a co-worker about it. She laughed her ass off, and I was like 'no, I'm serious.... its an actual hindue beliefe" she just kept laughing at me. :(

Penis Of The Week

I will soon be posting my choice penis each week to be featured.

Get Your Personal Penis Reading

Submit your penis picture for a personal reading by Tina, ME!!!!!

Due to the high demand i've recieved for personal penis readings, unfortunatly I will now be charging $5 per reading. For an additional $5 plus shipping I will send you a certificate containing your personal reading. Proceeds will go toward the publication of my recently completed book: The Ancient Art Of Penis Reading: Interpriting The Male Genital

Today Is A Good Day For Penis and Palm Readers

Today was a good day. Lots of emails about what I do from serious people. You'de be amazed at how well recieved penistry is becoming. I'm so excited about the future. Who would have thought that people would be as interested in penis reading as palm reading.

Lingam gnosis is based on the belief that all penises fall into one of four broad essential categories, or types fire, air, earth and water. Most commonly, however, penises are a combination of two or more of these types.

Lots of Penis Reading

Wow, I never imagines I'd get the response that I have. Thank you all for showing your interest in this project. I honestly thought alot more people would find this ridiculous. I'm pleased at the amount of people that opened their minds. I've done more than 100 readings in the last month. That double what I've been able to do here in my home town. I really hope to get my book published soon. I'm probably going to have to just find the money to pay and have a bunch of books printed myself. If you would be interested in recieving a copy of my book and learning how to do accurate Penis Readings. Contact me at As well Penis Readings are now available here at the bottom of this page.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Well I finally got a stat tracker on my blog so now I'll know how invaded my journel is. Did I just say my blog gets invaded? Ooops. Poor Blog.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

35 FREE Readings left

Get your pictures in, I'm giving away another 35 free penis readings in the next month.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Accepting Pictures For Penis Readings First 100 FREE

Email Your pictures to
Remember that better quality pictures will result in a more accurate reading.
Also multipule angles will be benificial for the reading.
Please let me know if you would like your penis featured on this site.

MUST BE 18 TO PARTICIPATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ooops I forgot about you.

I forgot about you world I'm so sorry NOT!!!!!!!!!. Like noone has visited my blog so far. Sarah, after all the whining you did and you don't even check out my blog? Like.... Whatever. LoL. Oh well things are great!!!! I found a new job. With Industry Canada as a Youth Community Coordinator, looking after the internet access site here in Dauphin. Doing training and stuff I guess. YAYAYAYAYA. Its just part time, but mixed with my server job the extra money will be GREAT!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Penis Readings Soon

For as long as the human race has existed, we have searched for clues to self-awareness, and the human body itself is often the key to unlocking the mysteries of the soul. Only to those who possess the knowledge and understanding, will the body reveal its secrets. Today, the old arts of palmistry, phrenology and the interpretation of moles are well-known. But to really know the man, it's necessary to understand the thousand-year-old art of Penis Reading.

The Art Of Penistry, interpreting The Male Genital

I'm hoping to get it published soon. Its hard to get people to take me serious. But I am very serious, I believe that Penistry is as legitimate as palmistry, and that from ones penis you can gain insite into his soul. I will soon be offering penis reading over the internet.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

So This Is Blogging

Well I caved, I gave into the pressure. I let the winds of technology convince me to finally do this internet thing. So here I am.
Hi world!!!!!
I'm Tina.
Tina from Dauphin, population=NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE
hehehe this is going to be fun. I really am a generally happy person. So here's my plan. This will be my log from start to finish of my gift to the world. I want to establish The ancient Art of Penis Reading as a legitimate art. Follow me as I try to get my book: The Art of Penistry: Intepriting The Male Genital published. Its been hard thus far to convince anyone that I'm not joking when I tell them I can read a man's soul from his cock. More soon.........

TTYL World. Love Ya, Kisses and Hugs and maybe other stuff too WINK WINK

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